Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meow's - Mozzie Hideout.

I'm very very tired today... preparing for the dinner and it ain't over yet... the clock tick tack tick tack...

I take a break and go over to peep at Meow's blog... Hahaha... he has a very good imagination about the mozzie intrusion, the last part about the t-shirt is so hilarious! Dunno how to describe... see for yourself. Hahaha!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Real Yet Unreal

So many people were having events, celebrations and all kinda big feast lately, I also dun wan to lose out!! 

I had a wine buffet last night with lotsa nice food.  First of all, I had a glass of red wine, it's so smooth and ain't dry at all! Followed by dessert wine that's so fruity and chilling, no word can describe, I think it's the best wine I've ever had!  Wanted to have another glass but started to feel a bit giddy, so I think I better fill my stomach with something solid first.  I ordered a medium ray steak that's so tender and nice, and it comes with a lotsa shiitake mushroom.. I simply love the gravy! There are also lotsa oysters, shashimi and crabs!!!  And lotsa delicious dessert that looks like jelly packed in beautiful wrappers for you to take home!  I'm so so so happy that all are my favorite food!!!

Suddenly the music stopped and the lights on, the waiters came to clear the table! Huh! But I haven't finish my food le..!!?!  Then I realised that it's only a dream.. :(  Why so fast the dream ended.. today I am not working le.. please can I continue...   :(

I did fall asleep again, but this time round keep looking for toilet, and I find myself trapped in a building full of hair salons.. and they keep promoting their service - Rebond and color got offer, today only!

Grrr... feeling so pissed, dun wan to sleep liao.. wake up to play Social City better..

The Manyzer

That day a client called, very nicely at the beginning, and slowly started to confront me with a series of yes or no questions, and I was caught in a situation where some of the answers were contradicting.  And I realised that the client was well prepared and most likely had rehearsed the scripts before calling up.  True enough.. after the interrogation he shouted ,"Why your system like that!!! Do you think it's fair!!!"

Put myself in his shoes, I think it's not very fair, so I apologised and he knew what comes next and he said,"I don't want any refund, I want to speak to your manager, I want an explanation!! NOW!"

I know he is not scolding me, he merely wants his grievances be heard by the in-charge and he wants to hear something assuring from the higher authority.  In situation like this, holding him up will only worsen the atmoshpere, so...


I approached my manager.. and he started grumbling..
"Obviously he is wrong ma.. he has to follow the system not the system follow him.."
"I told my manager,"..but other system is not like that one le.."
"Other system lenient but they cannot take it for granted.. 
"But I feel a bit too rigid like that.."
"You tell him la.. too bad lor tell him next time do it otherwise lor"
"But I think he has a point le.."
"No la somemore he is a lousy client.. no case la.."
"Aiya.. What he wants now?!!"
"He wants to speak to you la! You are the manager ma!"


Reluctant but no choice, my manager took over the call.
"Hi xxx, how can I assist you today?"
"Oh I see I see.. yes yes.. you have a point, so sorry about it, we will give you a refund as we can see that you have been a loyal and good client of us over the years, and we thank you for your valuable feedback!"


HAHAHAHA!!!! I've to cover my mouth with both hands, or else not only my manager can hear, I think the client also can hear.  Really KNS!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today's lunch. $6.40

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Acha the Keropok Topping!

Know what is this?

This is call Acha, a kinda topping for Keropok.  I dunno where's the origin of Acha, but it's a common food served during Chinese New Year back in my hometown.

Btw, this is Keropok.

Oh dear.. digging out all the photos of food now coz I'm feeling a bit hungry.. haha!!

Social City

Found a new game in facebook, called Social City.

It's very easy to maintain, just increase the populations and unlock the facilities & factory.  Everything on the map can be moved and relocated, including the road, carpark, building, trees etc... The only thing that irritates me is you can't change the orientation of the buildings... =.="

Dry Turnip Char Kway

Now I suddenly have a new crave, I told Darl I want to eat Char-kway... the one fried with dry turnip (萝卜干).  But too bad Singapore don't have... if anyone know anywhere that sell, please let me know!  For the time being, can only see pic and drool...

 Dry Turnip Char Kway

Glutinous rice with green bean paste.

Sarawak Laksa Crave!

Cannot suppress my laksa crave anymore, called the laksaman to find out his new location and went for a laksa brunch!  It has moved to Kopitiam and selling at $3.50 now!

But sadly, nowadays anything that put into my mouth doesn't turned out as expected.  It's either not salty or not spicy enough, sometimes it can be as bad as tasteless.. I started to believe that it's my problem. :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nuffnang Ad

Hey guys! If you see any banner/nuffnang ad appearing at the top or sidebar of my blog (as the pic) , please click it! And unknowingly, you have already helped me earn 20 cents pocket money! Kam sia kam sia! Next time I cia you eat lollipop!

Thanks Dean & Ping! I saw the Nuffnang Ad! ^^

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Have been resting for the whole week, tomorrow will be back to work!!! Gambateh!!!

Today's Meal

Darl's breakfast! Looks so tasty!

Mine, quite tasteless! He says my tastebud got problem.. =.="

Dinner : Saba fish from a Korean stall.

Lunch??? No lunch eh.. because I want to take nap, so I asked him settle his own lunch.. =P keke.. sorry Darl~Darl I cook you nice food next week ok!

Crave for Curry & Fish

Last night I said I want to eat curry fish head, so Darl brought me to Upper Serangoon to see if there's anything like that. We settled down at a Hainanese Curry Rice Stall and had a dinner for only $10.50. (Including a can of soya bean drink) That's cheap!

Lady fingers.

Mutton curry. Mostly muscles & tendon! Great!

Fish! The clear gravy is very very tasty! It's sour and appetizing!

So we have Curry and we have fish for dinner indeed! Hehe!

Lastly, tapao Beancurb + 3 Abolings inside, for supper!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

February 2010 is driest month for S'pore since records began in 1869

Extracted from
By Joanne Chan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 01 March 2010 1840 hrs

Click article to enlarge.

Bushfire @ Tampines.
Click here for more stories. [Stomp]

Friday, March 5, 2010

Home Cook - Vegetable

The most I can do at home now - is cooking... some simple dishes.