Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red Crocs

I had an afternoon nap and I dreamt that I lost my red crocs, I ran home sobbing, then I saw my mum wearing an old black cloth shoes, and my sis wearing a pair of shoes, one side brown and one side blue. She says these are rejected goods and she managed to find the sides that fits her and pay a very low price for it... So looks like they can't afford to get me another pair of shoes... sob sob..

My mum says she always dreamt about having no shoes and clothing to wear because that's what she has experienced in her childhood... I wonder why am I getting such dream, maybe because I couldn't find the 2 small crocs above.. sort of misplaced it, so sad. I just called my mum to tell her about my dream.

Anyway, I feel like sleeping again now and it's only 8.30pm. Darl Darl says if I want to sleep I will have to eat the fruit-fruit he cut, took the med-med and drink the milk-milk first. :( Don't feel like drinking milk-milk tonight le... @_@ puke~

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