Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jen's Birthday @ Ellenborough Market Cafe

Jen's Birthday @ Ellenborough Market Cafe, Merchant Court.

It's a buffet lunch with wide selection of food.

Chicken craw peanut soup, assam fish, pork belly. All are my favourite!

Prawns and some greens.

The legendary D24 Durian paste! Very nice though it looks a bit.. hmm..

Lastly, desserts.

Please checkout Dean's blog for more photos on food, I know my choices are kinda boring.. haha didn't eat a lot this round.

Not forgetting the birthday cake!

View outside the cafe.

First time to Central, where we parked our car.

Next stop : Gomus' House - still under renovation.
Guess what's the name of the movie we are watching?

After that go back home to take a nap, get ready for another big feast!
Show you in the next post!

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