Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sick for almost 3 weeks liao... Started prior to CNY and I've missed all the CNY goodies back home, and now almost Chap Goh Meh liao but still haven't recover so unfair!

Actually just seen Doctor less than a week ago as I almost cough my lungs out. Doctor asked me to rest for 2 days but I don't want. I had a nightmare that Celine almost strangled me because I leave her to lunch alone... Haha!! No la~ mysteriously I cough only at night and am perfectly fine during the day, plus that I'll be very bored at home, so I'd rather go to work.

But now getting worst with inflammation and fever and Doctor is having a hard time prescribing medicine, she ordered that I be grounded for 2 days!!!

Despite the soreness in my throat, I'm still having very good appetite. I had Kway Chap for lunch and I finished it all by myself! Very contented, went home and ready to take my medicine.. Wah!! A full course of 30 capsules, 2 to be taken 3 times a day! Doctor says this is a very mild antibiotic, the stronger one would be in total of 10, 1 to be taken 2 times a day. I see... quite make sense though...

I have a good nap after that and now the temperature is 36.5°C and I'm feeling hungry again! But the throat is still very sore... help~~

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