Friday, February 26, 2010

$10 Million

I very scared to go buy Toto, coz everytime I buy Toto everyone looks like wanted to scold me. The one inside the counter asked some questions that I dun understand, the people queue behind looks very impatient.

Anyway, I've successfully bought a $2 quick pick tonight. I told my sis if I won, I'll bring whole family to Hokkaido backpack! Darl asked me why backpack?? Because backpack more fun mah! Hahaha! Let's go backpack for 1 month! Or maybe to New Zealand in a Caravan! Or cruise around Europe all the way to the Northpole to see aurora light!

So excited, almost feel like packing up already! Also wanted to downgrade to a smaller house for easy housekeeping. And buy a Jeep for myself!

Kekeke... Better don't dream before the egg hatch... @_@

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