Friday, January 22, 2010

Why It Takes Forever to Sync My iPhone?!!

Anyone experience the same? Used to be a few second or cap at 2 minutes the most! Now it's like 30 mins still >>> Sync in Progressssssss...! And I've to stop the syncing manually as the phone is getting very hot!

!! Pain !!

And now I realised that even I stop the sync half way, the applications have also and have already been transported over vice versa, nothing is missing! So tell me why the >>> Sync in Progresssssss.. ?? The phone must be sleeping! Grrr... Please don't do it again!

Mmm.. it's getting late.. time to sleep.

Darl will be back to the office early tomorrow morning.. and I'll be alone..
Kor asked me to go 'pei' him queue at Courts.. =/
mm.. better switch my phone to silent mode first.. Hahaha!!! =P

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