Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who Can Interpret My Dream?

I had a dream that is so weird.

I was looking for food in the kitchen, didn't know whose, doesn't looked like mine, anyway I found some cookies, biscuits and chocolate and they were very nice! Suddenly, a woman I didn't know asked me to pack up my stuffs for immediate departure to Australia. Everyone around me dare not speak up, I saw fear in their eyes and it seemed like if they speak they would have to die. I'm not going until I get the answer, I went up to her again and she screamed back,"Just do as I said!" In my heart I think, "Seow liao, 造反啊!!"

The next thing I knew, I was walking on the street in a dress and a pair of (both side unidentical) socks. Exactly the pair I put on to sleep. The socks kept sticking to the snow on the ground as I walked and I almost wanted to remove them.

I ran 2 blocks down and I remembered, or rather I assumed a friend staying nearby on the 8th floor but I couldn't recall which block, actually I didn't even remember the whole place. I starting counting the floors from the void deck, and checking out the clothing to see if I could identify them. Unfortunately the sky got dark and my eyesight got poor under the dimmed light.

Next thing I knew, I was in the middle of the crowd at a road junction, everyone around me spoke Korean. Then I walked into an alley, I saw a signboard above my head that said "Enter At Your Own Risk", and I realized a construction going on above my head, I ran too fast not in time to brake, so instead of turning back, I dash towards the exit at the other end in full speed, but it got narrower and narrower, I was stucked and it was pitch black.

Suddenly the sun rose and I saw colorful rays of light like rainbow, I even saw fairytale liked butterflies, they were almost transparent and glowing, so beautiful! Suddenly all the colors were sucked into some where, I saw my foster parents sitting by the bedside with a musical box in their hands. Am I in New Zealand now? I haven't hear from them for 10 years! They were not surprised to see me, they even asked me to go to bed earlier.

I waited till they fell asleep and I opened the musical box. There was nothing in the box, but I saw a shadow on the wall. From the glossy laminating on one side of the wall, I saw it's reflection. It stretched out it's hand, so I stretched out mine too, to shake it's hand. And I realized that it's right hand appeared to be left hand in the reflection, so I changed to left hand. Then I asked, "Does God and Spirit exist?" I heard no reply, perhaps sound couldn't transmit through the reflection. Then my foster parents woke up and asked,"Who are you talking to?"

And I woke up from the dream.

The first thing I did, I stand in front of the mirror trying to shake hand with the reflection, it's true that u have to use your left hand to shake a right hand that's a reflection. How strange that logic appeared in my dream where everything else doesn't seems to make sense.

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