Thursday, January 28, 2010

Once Upon a Time - The Balrog Ship

While organizing the albums found some old memories such as this one, done by one of my buddies. That's Dino, Iku and me on a Balrog Ship. Saw that noob helm on my head? haha.. that's so long ago when i wore that.

The Balrog ship sails between Victoria and Orbis daily on a 20 mins interval. Among all the ships this is the only one that you can't rest on the deck, coz it passes by some Balrog nest I guess and you may bump into one if you are really "lucky". I remembered the day when I finally saved enough for my first trip, happily bought a 1-way ticket and boarded the ship, going to Orbis for the first time! Yeah so excited!! But was soooo lucky that a Balrog flew by while I was AFK. Zzzzz... Got eaten of coz. During those days 80k is a lotsa meso okie! The DKs earn meso the hard way!

Nowadays there are so many alternatives to travel around, I wonder if anyone still take this ship, maybe it's almost a ghost ship now...

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