Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nuffnang Analytics Report

Signed up with Nuffnang for 3 days, haven't earn any cent yet. However, am quite impressed with their analytics report. It allows you to know the traffic of your blog and the reading patterns of your visitor up to the past one month, presented in both chart and data on figures and sources. Over here, I'll just show you how the charts look like, will not include the data report, ok? Or else will be too lengthy!

This graph shows traffic of your blog for the day, ie. how many unique visitors dropby and at what time of the day.

This graph shows that there are 61 unique visitors on 22 Jan. The data report shows that the total views on 22 Jan is 218.

This chart shows that most of the unique visitors for the past 3 days are from Singapore (54.81%), followed by the U.S. (15.56%), Philippines (8.15%), Malaysia (7.41%) etc. The percentage are provided in the data report.

This graph tells you what your visitors are searching for, these are the keywords they searched that lead them to your blog. It's pretty self explanatory.

This graph tells you who are your referrals, in another words, the visitors come to your blog from which websites. Could be from the search engines or a link from someone else's blog.

Okay, so how do you summarize the report? Hahaha! No need to answer la, this is just for reading pleasure. =P

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