Sunday, January 3, 2010

IRIS OST - The Ending

Read on only if you wish to know the ending.

The NSS had successfully stopped the secret organisation IRIS from launching the nuclear weapon, and protected both the presidents of North & South Korea from the assassination.

Kim Hyun Joon decided to quit his job and live happily ever after with Choi Seung Hee, but on his way to the proposal, he was shot in the head and died. In the last episode, Vick (T.O.P in Big Bang) died, Jin Sa Woo died, don't quite understand why they made Kim Hyun Joon die too in the last 2 mins of the show. No wonder most reviews say the last episode ruined their day. I've already read about the ending before I watched, or else I'll be quite shock to see him shot too.

Unsolved mystery : Who's behind IRIS? Who's Mr Black? Who killed Kim Hyun Joon?

People are speculating that there will be Season 2... not that looking forward as the main leads are all dead. Don't tell me Baek San take the lead then I'm not gonna watch! Or maybe Kim Hyun Joon comes back to life like what Jack Bauer always did?!

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