Friday, January 8, 2010

Doraemon Lucky Charm @ McD

My sis & I.

Guess you may have already heard of how McD has caused a stir by omitting the piggy in their Doraemon lucky charms featuring 12 Zodiac in the Chinese Astrology. Worst when one of their counter staffs told the customer "As a halal restaurant, McDonald's could not display or sell Pig soft toys." (Quoted from ST Forum dated 07 Jan 2010)

O.o Soft toy also got halal not halal one meh? erm... I'm really not that sure...

Anyway, I had McD for dinner today, purposely to get Doraemon in my sis & my zodiac.
=D Oh ya.. Dean also a goat hehe.. but this one is called a Ram. I guess you dunno what I am, coz that green thing looks more like a frog I guess.. wahaha!!! The froggie also cannot tahan.. laugh until pelanting...

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