Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Day at Orchard

I suppose this is a very precious photo, because no photo is allowed at this food court. I was stopped by one of the waiters from a Jap food stall, "No video no camera! No video no camera!" He ran shouting from behind. I turned back, puzzled. Aduh, his stall is not even within my eyesight. I don't understand why there are so many restricted areas here. Next thing, the food. We ordered Lotus Rice from the menu, "Sorry we don't have this today, not today." Then we ordered Xiao Long Bao,"Sorry, not today." What is so special about today?! ... And think there's nothing much to comment then..

There's this gigantic legs in the shopping mall, that actually belongs to someone - a very tall person! Interesting!

Very long escalators zig-zag 7 storey high.

Mandarin Gallery, yet to explore.

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