Sunday, January 31, 2010

TVB Artistes @ Plaza Singapura

Saw Moses Chan (陈豪) and Raymond Lam (马浚伟) at Plaza Singapura yesterday, the TVB artistes were in Singapore to attend the TVB Awards Gala held at Ritz Caltron on 29 Jan 2010.

Moses Chan singing a song.

Moses Chan shaking hands with the fans.

Didn't pay attention to the rest of the artistes, was too busy shopping. Haha!

Refer here for more links to pictures and video clip : All About Mo

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sasa's Wedding @ Megu, Singapore Flyer

Attended Frankie + Sasa's Wedding lunch at the Megu Event Hall @ Singapore Flyer.
Megu means "Blessings" in Japanese.

The buffet lunch.

Have a good time catching up with old friends over lunch.

My first time to the Singapore Flyer actually, but I didn't fly.. haha!
One of my friends said the best time to fly is during sunset.

The token.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Once Upon a Time - The Balrog Ship

While organizing the albums found some old memories such as this one, done by one of my buddies. That's Dino, Iku and me on a Balrog Ship. Saw that noob helm on my head? haha.. that's so long ago when i wore that.

The Balrog ship sails between Victoria and Orbis daily on a 20 mins interval. Among all the ships this is the only one that you can't rest on the deck, coz it passes by some Balrog nest I guess and you may bump into one if you are really "lucky". I remembered the day when I finally saved enough for my first trip, happily bought a 1-way ticket and boarded the ship, going to Orbis for the first time! Yeah so excited!! But was soooo lucky that a Balrog flew by while I was AFK. Zzzzz... Got eaten of coz. During those days 80k is a lotsa meso okie! The DKs earn meso the hard way!

Nowadays there are so many alternatives to travel around, I wonder if anyone still take this ship, maybe it's almost a ghost ship now...


After months of speculation and rumors, it’s official:The Apple iPad is real. The device, announced earlier today by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is designed to fill the perceived gap between the smartphone and the laptop. [Extract from]

Looks like a giant iPhone.

The specs (from :

  • SCREEN: 9.7-inch IPS LCD screen. The LCD provides the backlighting, but most of the technology is IPS, or In-plane switching. This gives it a stronger viewing angle than most screens.
  • RESOLUTION: 1024×768 pixels (132 pixels per inch)
  • SIZE: 0.5 inches thin.
  • DIMENSIONS: 9.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 0.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds (1.6 pounds for 3G)
  • CHIP: 1 GHz Apple A4 chip. They went in-house instead of going to Intel.
  • MEMORY: Three models with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB solid state hard drives.
  • INCLUSIONS: Accelerometer, Microphone, 30-pin connector, Compass, full capacitive multi-touch, Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3G access on higher-end models
  • BATTERY LIFE: 10 hours at full blast. On standby, it will last over a month.
Summary: It’s thin, it’s light and it’s fast.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


这是 maomi。 不要问我它为什么一脸害怕的表情,我也不知道,可能是看到比它大只的小强。

它将会跟 Darl Darl 去上班, 就这样,挂在 Darl Darl 的包包上。不可说不噢!
(注:“不可说不”这句话是跟 Darl Darl 说的)
包包是上回在日本买给Darl Darl 的生日礼物。

Maomi 也有一个一样的,不过是我做给它的, 没有牌子的,嘻嘻。。。

这是做给爸爸的生日礼物,翘脚还插腰。 LOL!

“爱爸爸” T-shirt 是我设计的!

对了! 这就是我的新嗜好! 其实材料已买了很久,但都没有时间做。。。

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laylio on iPhone

Finally we've got Radio on iPhone! And it's free! Currently available stations:

Class 95
YES 933

Groove Salad

Lush 99.5

987 FM

938 LIVE

Capital 958

It reflects the name of the song it's currently playing, so you don't have to wonder what's the name of this beautiful song!

Hope they could add my favorite station 100.3 too!


Have been eyeing on a Ferrari Puma Bag, but ended up buying Converse instead. Coz got sales - 20% off.

It's 100% PVC, so it's water proof i guess. The texture as per pic on the right, seems durable, therefore it's also quite heavy. Would be perfect if it has a lighter color interior and a softer and more comfortable grip.

Now I have a bag big enough to carry the bulky DSLR! Not really for gym though.. haha!!!

Btw, they gave me a pack of red packets - being the first I get this year! Yeah!

I miss Kolomee... =D

Darl went back to office yesterday, from 7am i guess, till noon. He called and asked me to take bus to Bedok to meet him for laksa.

"No", I said.
"Ok I chia you a cab ride".

So he grabbed my kor to lunch with him.
After lunch he called me,"You want me to ta-pao for you?"
"Yes, I want kolomee"
"Can you chia me one mouth?"
*think think.... "Ok"
"Your Kor says he also want one mouth, can?"
*!!!!!! "You one mouth he one mouth, then I eat what?!! Faster come back la! I hungry eh!"

Lucky i get the whole piece intact. =D
So long never eat kolomee liao~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nuffnang Analytics Report

Signed up with Nuffnang for 3 days, haven't earn any cent yet. However, am quite impressed with their analytics report. It allows you to know the traffic of your blog and the reading patterns of your visitor up to the past one month, presented in both chart and data on figures and sources. Over here, I'll just show you how the charts look like, will not include the data report, ok? Or else will be too lengthy!

This graph shows traffic of your blog for the day, ie. how many unique visitors dropby and at what time of the day.

This graph shows that there are 61 unique visitors on 22 Jan. The data report shows that the total views on 22 Jan is 218.

This chart shows that most of the unique visitors for the past 3 days are from Singapore (54.81%), followed by the U.S. (15.56%), Philippines (8.15%), Malaysia (7.41%) etc. The percentage are provided in the data report.

This graph tells you what your visitors are searching for, these are the keywords they searched that lead them to your blog. It's pretty self explanatory.

This graph tells you who are your referrals, in another words, the visitors come to your blog from which websites. Could be from the search engines or a link from someone else's blog.

Okay, so how do you summarize the report? Hahaha! No need to answer la, this is just for reading pleasure. =P

MapleStory Personal Expression Theme Pack

Target Audience : Maplers & MSN Users.
Gift : 10 Power Elixirs (in-game consumption)
Lucky Draw : Limited-edition Window Live Messenger Buddy USB Thumb Drive.
Date of Contest : From 15th January 2010 till 28th February 2010.

Refer to MapleSEA website for the steps & T&C.

By the way, the Personal Expression pack gives you emotions, winks, display pics and background with MapleStory Theme on your MSN.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why It Takes Forever to Sync My iPhone?!!

Anyone experience the same? Used to be a few second or cap at 2 minutes the most! Now it's like 30 mins still >>> Sync in Progressssssss...! And I've to stop the syncing manually as the phone is getting very hot!

!! Pain !!

And now I realised that even I stop the sync half way, the applications have also and have already been transported over vice versa, nothing is missing! So tell me why the >>> Sync in Progresssssss.. ?? The phone must be sleeping! Grrr... Please don't do it again!

Mmm.. it's getting late.. time to sleep.

Darl will be back to the office early tomorrow morning.. and I'll be alone..
Kor asked me to go 'pei' him queue at Courts.. =/
mm.. better switch my phone to silent mode first.. Hahaha!!! =P

McD 填补“小猪”玩偶


之前因为缺少一个生肖而放弃收集的顾客,现在同样的也无法收集整套, 因为较早发行的生肖玩偶都已售完。而且“猪”玩偶要等到四月份才开始发行。。。不知道还有多少人会买。


Ebay 有人卖,可是$12 vs $2, mmm.. 还是什么也别买比较好, 省钱省空间。

Read News on Straits Times

By the way, 我的叮当团!过年带回家给爸爸妈妈!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tripod on iPhone

iPhone comes with a camera function that doesn't have any features. I'm not kidding!

I've downloaded almost 3 dozens of photography related applications to try out, and I think Tripod is a great application. Recommended to use if it's getting a bit too dark to focus, it gives you pretty sharp photo that comes with a slight noise as trade off. Well, still better than a blurry photo.

The next thing I'll be shopping for, is a night mode application. Any recommendation?

Other applications that I like : linked.

Chinese New Year Celebration in Singapore 2010

Street Light Up
Venue : Chinatown
Date : 23 Jan 2010 - 07 Mar 2010

Shopping at the Festive Night Market
Venue : Along Pagoda Str, Temple Str, Smith Str, Sago Str & Trengganu Str.
Date : 23 Jan 2010 - 13 Feb 2010

The River Hong Bao Carnival
Venue : Floating Platform @ Marina Bay
Date :
12 - 20 Feb 2010, entry from 12pm to 11.30pm, nightly performance from 8pm to 10pm.
13 Feb 2010 (CNY eve), entry from 12pm to 1pm, performance from 10pm to midnight.

Fireworks Display
Venue : Floating Platform @ Marina Bay
Date :
12 Feb 2010, for 3 mins after sundown at the opening ceremony.
13 Feb 2010, for 5 mins at 11.59pm

[info from etour singapore]

24 Season 8

Can you recognise Chloe O'Brian? Looks so different in the show!

Resort World Sentosa - The Interior


The Casino.

The hallway to the Casino.

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore.

A lounge and a shop selling Hard Rock merchandises at the hotel lobby.

A room at Hard Rock Hotel.

The pool view.

Festive Hotel

The Festive Hotel.

Shops along the walkway connecting the hotels.

A lounge at the lobby.

The lobby and the room.

The view from the room.

Hotel Michael

Hotel Michael.
The red cloth.. !?! Guess it's only temporary.

Statues & art piece at the entrance.

Lounge at the lobby.
Why are we targeting all the lounges.. LOL..

Something like an igloo at the lobby, must be one of Michael Graves' designs.
Anyway, let's move on to the room.

Deluxe room - quite spacious, love the washroom.

The view from the room.

Rushing.. from day to night.

Buffet breakfast included.

Palio - the Italian restaurant at Hotel Michael.

The basement carpark.

We have not taken much photo on the outside as the weather is very hot. LOL.. This photo is taken from the website : Follow the link and you should be able to see more there!

For directions and fees & charges : linked!