Monday, December 14, 2009

What a Cafe World dream... zzz...

I guess I've played Cafe WOrld too much that last night I had a dream about helping CCM & NWS mending their stalls at a hawker centre. Not sure why the two IT experts have decided to switch to hawker. I reached the hawker centre and realised that CCM's stall only operates during lunch and dinner b'coz he runs it alone, I was a bit too early for dinner. Whereas NWS has a helper, so he runs it full day. Since I was already there, I helped NWS to deliver the food to the customers' table, almost unstoppable! Business is so good! Finally, CCM came, I went over to help him because he was alone. I saw him cooking sweetcorn soup and I asked him how soon will be it ready, he says in 18 hours!!?!

Shocked!!! and awaken from my dream... =.="
What a dream... zzz...

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