Thursday, December 31, 2009

Excellent Service Award 2009

Got these :
  1. A Certificate
  2. A Congratulatory Letter from the CEO.
  3. A Badge
  4. Some $_$ !!! (Double the previous coz this time is Gold!)

The Awakened Aran

Something happened while...

The Awakened Aran will be mastering in Polearm,
something that I'm already familiar with being a Darknight...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Off Day

Went to the gym alone on my off day. Feeling so delighted to be able to wander around at Orchard for leisure during a weekday, and during working hour some more, to be exact - it's 10am on a Wednesday!^^

Then, I overheard this conversation in the changing room :

A : Later after medicure I go high-tea with the who, want to join us or not?
B : Today cannot le, must bring my dog for grooming.
A : Ok la~ then c u tomolo, remember to go xxx branch hor, not here..
B : Tomolo Body Pump not this branch meh?
A : Tomolo is Spinning Class la, the instructor there better~ and more handsome~
B : Oh, ya hor.. Body Pump is Friday 2.30pm, not tomolo..

Walau eh... these people seems to off everyday!!! They looked too young for retiree age, way too old to be students too, maybe 10 yrs older than me gua... why no need to work one?! @#$%^&*#!

Then there's this lady, she's blowing her hair when I reached, when I'm done exercising she's still in front of the mirror - Oil painting! Cannot blame her also la.. I only exercise for like 20 mins.. hehehe.. then spent around another 30 mins or so in the steam room + shower + dry hair + make up.. LOL!

Done with the gym, wanted to go for a haircut... not sure if my hairdresser is available coz she always go traveling one, even if she's in town, you didn't make appointment in advance maybe she'll sleep till late then come, or maybe she's fully booked? Erm.. Let's go Kino to get a book so that I can have something to read at the salon.

I ended up spending the whole afternoon there!! LOL!! And again, the haircut mission failed. 舍不得 cut my beautiful hair ma~ Haha.. But it's getting very dry with split ends.. sooner or later will have to cut~ sad~

Monday, December 28, 2009


This drama is so cool~

A story about trust, betrayal and conspiracy of South and North Korean secret agents.

has action...

has romance...
Something that 24 doesn't have...

Haven't finish watching,
but i heard that it has a sad ending...

An introduction to the secret agents here :

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sasa's Wedding Invitation Card

Received Sasa's Wedding Invitation Card today!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinner @ home.

Darl's mummy cook dinner tonight, what's on the menu?

Defrosting in progress...

Steamed Hokkaido Crab

Broccoli with Prawn

Steamed Pomfret

Stew Pork - This is by Darl, his signature dish.

Christmas Party 2009 No.3

This is third Christmas Party this year! Celebrated at Dean's Place.

See how much food we had for the evening!
And a bottle of 1993's Red Wine!
Thanks to the cooks. 辛苦了。。。

We dunno how to cook so we brought log cake.

Christmas present from the host that resemble the host. Keke..

Everyone must wear Santa Costume.
And that's a cute gift from Dean. He says it's a wrist rest, but I hug it like bolster.
Kekeke.. Thanks ya!

Christmas Shopping (Bishan - Orchard - Somerset - Dhoby Ghaut)

Went Bishan to delivery Jerilyn's Xmas present to my kor, 顺便 had lunch and 顺便 forced him shopping with me, haha.. Thought we were early for the famous chicken rice, but the queue is already very long even before 12noon, so we ordered Kway Chap instead - tasteless, no wonder no queue.. kor kept eating chilli sauce.. =(

Junction 8 @ Bishan

Kor said cannot take his photo until too fat, so can only take side way. He asked me to wait for him at Circle Line, then he went office wrap up his stuffs and came back in 20 mins.. luckily i not so stupid, I went Orchard walk walk, until 5pm he baru call me.. ZzzZZzzzz...

313 @ Somerset

Centre Point

Orchard Central

Mandarin Gallery

Will be going for Avatar soon

A quiet corner of Ngee Ann


The angmo kids eating banana

Inside Ngee Ann

Plaza Singapura @ Dhoby Ghaut

Inside Plaza Singapura

Got some presents for family members

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Solstice Festival

Received 汤圆 dedication from Uncle & Auntie on Facebook.
Auntie made one.

On actual day, MIL also got cook, cold one coz she chilled them.
I had one
汤圆 for family unity and prosperity....

Christmas Party 2009 No.2

The second Christmas Party this year - held in the office, obviously.
In contrary to Darl's party @ The Stamford. LOL!

Food catered for 35 pax. Not quite enough, so they called for Pizza Delivery, but when the food arrived we have already started the game, and some people already left... I also left early, because it's Winter Solstice Festival and I have other program!

First present received.

Followed by these...

and these...

The cutest of all - the Red Edition Melody Mat, from my best buddy!

And the most exclusive - An Asiasoft Diary, from my cutest buddy's hubby!
Thanks to Celine & HH. =D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Look for the Blog

It's almost 6am and I'm still here, not taking coffee anymore and I wonder what is keeping me awake... Cracking my head trying to understand the html code, just wanted to give my blog a new look to start a new season. Nothing much though, didn't mess up is very good already.

Nothing to write liao...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feeling very Gloomy...

Today is a gloomy day...

I dunno how to peel prawn...

After lunch, feeling very gloomy...
Go home and rest...

Bakuteh for dinner, haven't been here for a year, suprisingly it's not very crowded, but also took them more than half an hour to serve, and very disappointed with the soup, almost tasteless. I think I cook one taste better...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Changi Village

Nice food @ Changi Village.

First time eating the.. err.. Chilli Fish or what? dunno..spicy but nice!

I remembered the first time Dean brought me here it was an afternoon and I perspired like mad. LOL. But because there are a lotsa nice food here, so we still keep coming back. =D

This is the Sport Council where we (used to) play badminton.
Will resume the game soon... before the racket grows marimo...

Another place with good food - good in the eyes of the beholder.
I'm not a meat eater I guess.

The following day after this meal, I had nothing for breakfast, vegetarian for lunch and porridge for dinner...