Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wedding Lunch & Orchard Walk

Attended a wedding lunch today, good to catch up with old friends!

Cold Dishes

Herbal Prawn - very tasty!

Go Orchard for a walk to digest the food.. LOL..
Levi's Promo @ Taka - Trade-in old Jeans to offset new purchase.
Skip this, as I'm not here to shop today.

Street performance along Orchard Road.

Subaru Impreza WRX Challenge starts today.
1 out of the 400 contestants will get to drive the car home!
The record last year was 81 hrs 32 mins.


Then it rained, the street suddenly became so empty.

And the rain got heavier, pity the Subaru Contestants.
For those who have not heard Singapore's power thunder, here it goes..
A few Ang Mo got frightened by it & sprinted back into the mall..

Since it's raining, let's move indoor.
Went Kino to collect a book I ordered.
A meet-the-author session, dunno who..

Went Plaza Sing for dinner.

INQ roadshow. Who is Dai Yang Tian? anyway... enough for today!

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