Saturday, November 21, 2009

TOKYO : Tokyo Station | Akihabara

Tokyo : 18°C Rainy

Took a train to Tokyo Station.

Women Only Cabin, but only valid from the first train of the day till 9.30am.

The train is very similar to Singapore's MRT, except that some are much longer with more cabins, all their seats are cushioned, most with rack above the seats for you to put your things. People are quite well mannered as there's no handphone ringing or loud talking in the train. I've once seen people eating biscuit and I asked Darl how come they can eat in the train, he says there's no sign saying no food in train. True also.

From 40th floor of GranTokyo.

We went Tokyo Station to look for Darl's colleagues, they thought he was here for business trip, still asked him where he was seated. It was raining heavily so we came again the following day for the above view, can see rainbow bridge on the far left. =D

Had lunch with Darl's colleague @ Tokyo Station.

The fish bone has been removed so it's much easier to eat.

Underground shopping, a lotsa cartoon character shops!

So cute can't help it and we brought 4 home. Hahaha..

This is call Smoking Room. Always seen crowded.

Next is Akihabara, Darl's favourite.
Nearly got squeezed out of the itinery, only visited on the 5th day in Tokyo.
Haha.. too many places to go. Yodobashi, Labi & Big Camera all are his favourite and they have so many storeys! Scary!

Bought supper from Mitsukoshi, a shopping mall where all their staffs bow to you when you walk out... really a rare sight...

¥157 = SGD2.50 for this banana.
Sorry la suddenly the craving...

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