Saturday, November 21, 2009

TOKYO : Shibuya

Tokyo : 20°C

Shibuya Scrambled Crossing
One of the world's busiest crossing.

Here is a short clip taken @ 6pm on Tuesday.

Wanted to shoot the morning crowd here but didn't make it, maybe next time.

In the midst of the crossing.

One of the shopping alley.

Had Ramen for dinner, a very tasty side dish. LOL..
The mixture of spring onion, thinly sliced ginger and fragrant oil made it very unique.

Saw this at the supermarket, ¥7,928 = SGD127

Above the shelf, the honey dew is selling at ¥10,000 each = SGD160.

Saw these along the street, ¥4,500 = SGD72 each!!!

Our supper.

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