Thursday, November 19, 2009

TOKYO : Ginza | Asakusa | Ueno

Tokyo : 18°C Sunny

Going to Ginza for Yakitori today!

Spotted a flower shop along the street, so lovely!

¥5,000 per bauquet. That's about SGD80

Isehiro is somewhere on the second storey of this street.

Obviously, we are here for lunch!

After the satisfying lunch, the next stop is Asakusa.

Buddha encounter.
By the way, the temple is under renovation.

The green tea ice-cream is superb! ¥250 = SGD4

Proceed to Ueno, a place with lotsa cultural attractions such as museum, temple, zoo, lake etc... but I always target the market only.. haha..

A lotsa Pachinko here, but I haven't figure out how to play.

Ameyoko - a good place for souvenirs and tidbits.
Railway track on the left, above the stalls.

Things are cheaper here.

All kinda sea creatures!

Back to Ueno Station at 6pm.

Very nice dessert! But expensive SGD8.

Bought some supper at Mitsukoshi on our way back to the hotel.
These are deep fried oyster.

Very juicy grapes!

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