Thursday, November 19, 2009

TOKYO : Shinjuku

Singapore : 26°C
Tokyo : 17°C

Reached airport at 6am to catch a flight to Tokyo.

Meal in flight.

7-hour flight.
Sleeping, eating, drinking, snacking, gaming, movie watching, photo taking, sightseeing!

Reached Narita Airport at 4.45pm (Japan time), sky dark dark already.

Checked in to the hotel.

Yeah! Let's go cheOng!
First destination : Shinjuku

Tokyo Metro Subway

Before I proceed further, let me show you how the Tokyo Metro Subway looks like, compare to Singapore MRT&LRT Track, as below. It's not really that complicated as it may seems but expect lotsa walking as some stations are really BIG!

Singapore MRT&LRT

Tell you more of Tokyo in the next post!

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