Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HOKKAIDO : Sapporo

Sapporo : 5°C Raining on and off!

After breakfast, bought a 1-day railpass ¥500 for unlimited trips because it's Sunday!

Going to the Chocolate Factory.

The exterior.

The interior.


Ice cream.

Didn't pay for the tour at Chocolate factory as we are more interested in the food rather than the making. Hehe.. After this, we went Sapporo Brewery.

The Sapporo Beer Museum.

An unguided free tour. They don't speak English, self explanatory anyway.

The making.

I like this one.

Preparing our drinks.

Next is the Odori Park, before night fall.
The time is 4.18pm, as shown on the TV Tower.

I'll always take a photo of it's leg, so can gauge the size of it.

Dinner time! Susukino again... LOL..

Bought a persimmon for supper..
I think it's call a Fuji Persimmon.

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