Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Otaru : 6°C Raining for the whole day!!

We are not done with Sapporo yet, but let's go Otaru for Sashimi first! Train ride from Sapporo to Otaru is around 35 mins by express, 1 way cost ¥620.

Had our lunch at 大和家

The whole set includes crab, shellfish, sashimi, sushi, cold soba, miso soup, tempura, salad, green tea.

We travel on foot within the whole of Otaru.

A lotsa interesting shops along the street, selling ice-cream, seafood, live crabs, souvenirs, glasswares, handicrafts, accessories, soft toys, bla bla bla.. i wish i could visit everyone of them...

Grill for you on the spot.

So cute the Marimos! The biggest at 8.5cm is selling at ¥42,000 = SGD672.
I bought a baby twin home, introduce them to you next time.

The so called "动物园" labeled in the map.

At this junction, 10,320km away from Dunedin - where I used to study & play like nobody's business! LOL!

It's getting dark, we turned back and headed to Otaru Canal.

Everything in Otaru is so nice, only the canal is a bit hmm... Maybe we expect too much... Hahaha..

I think you can skip these 一番街 as it seems a bit o~piang, just like those 狸小路 in Sapporo.

We headed back to Sapporo and had a simple dinner. Tuna on top.

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