Monday, November 30, 2009

HOKKAIDO : Sapporo Fish Market

Sapporo : 3°C to 5°C Raining on and off!

Darl says he has always wanted to visit the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo has never make it coz have to wake up real early for the auction. Now we can't go anymore as they have instituted a ban on sightseeing due to previous encounters with mis-behaving tourists.

We only went to the small fish market at Sapporo on the last day of our trip.
Woke up at 5am and took a train down.

Yeah we found the market, then suddenly it started to snow...

Haha.. very tiny one..

Bought some crabs and scallops.

Tempting the crabs!

Food testing.. eee.. soft soft and cold cold one.. It's Sea Urchin!!!

Had our breakfast at the fish market.

My favourite Salmon Sashimi & the egg egg!

On our way to the airport.

Transit at Narita Airport - to Singapore.

Dinner on Board.

Touching down in Singapore...

~ End of the trip ~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

HOKKAIDO : Lake Toya

Lake Toya : -1°C to 3°C Raining on and off!

Yeah.. we are going to the Onsen today! Take train from Sapporo Station.

Bought something for breakfast.

Bought a lot actually, coz all of them were screaming "Pick Me! Pick Me!"

On our way to Lake Toya.

Nice scenery along the way.

Reaching the small town by the lake.

Check-in to the hotel, the room has a good view facing the lake.

A bit disappointed as the hot spring is only available indoor.

Lunch in our room after the hot bath.

One of the dishes - Sashimi! My favourite.

It's raining.

After the rain.

This was where we were.

The lake and the hotel with a big dancing ballroom.

Snows on the mountain.

Waiting for the last train back to Sapporo. The time was 5.05pm
Have no idea what the temperature were at that time..
but it was freezing...

Choose and pay at the vending machine.

A meal at 松屋 at an affordable price.

Pass by an ice-cream cake shop, wow! This is ¥80,000 = SGD1,280

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HOKKAIDO : Sapporo

Sapporo : 5°C Raining on and off!

After breakfast, bought a 1-day railpass ¥500 for unlimited trips because it's Sunday!

Going to the Chocolate Factory.

The exterior.

The interior.


Ice cream.

Didn't pay for the tour at Chocolate factory as we are more interested in the food rather than the making. Hehe.. After this, we went Sapporo Brewery.

The Sapporo Beer Museum.

An unguided free tour. They don't speak English, self explanatory anyway.

The making.

I like this one.

Preparing our drinks.

Next is the Odori Park, before night fall.
The time is 4.18pm, as shown on the TV Tower.

I'll always take a photo of it's leg, so can gauge the size of it.

Dinner time! Susukino again... LOL..

Bought a persimmon for supper..
I think it's call a Fuji Persimmon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Otaru : 6°C Raining for the whole day!!

We are not done with Sapporo yet, but let's go Otaru for Sashimi first! Train ride from Sapporo to Otaru is around 35 mins by express, 1 way cost ¥620.

Had our lunch at 大和家

The whole set includes crab, shellfish, sashimi, sushi, cold soba, miso soup, tempura, salad, green tea.

We travel on foot within the whole of Otaru.

A lotsa interesting shops along the street, selling ice-cream, seafood, live crabs, souvenirs, glasswares, handicrafts, accessories, soft toys, bla bla bla.. i wish i could visit everyone of them...

Grill for you on the spot.

So cute the Marimos! The biggest at 8.5cm is selling at ¥42,000 = SGD672.
I bought a baby twin home, introduce them to you next time.

The so called "动物园" labeled in the map.

At this junction, 10,320km away from Dunedin - where I used to study & play like nobody's business! LOL!

It's getting dark, we turned back and headed to Otaru Canal.

Everything in Otaru is so nice, only the canal is a bit hmm... Maybe we expect too much... Hahaha..

I think you can skip these 一番街 as it seems a bit o~piang, just like those 狸小路 in Sapporo.

We headed back to Sapporo and had a simple dinner. Tuna on top.