Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To The Embassy

Woke up super early today as Darl was sending me to the Embassy before he went to work. Was browsing my Facebook on my way and spotted a remark posted by a friend who has the same birthday as me. She says : 一大清早~面打翻了,脚扭了,地铁迟了, 真衰。。 I'm not superstitious, but I somehow feel uneasy. My ex-housemate who is also having the same birthday as me, is very superstitious. Whenever he fall sick he will pre-empt me, and 2 out of 3 occasions I ended up sharing the same fate.

I reached the Embassy 20 minutes before it opened and was the second in the queue. 10 minutes later, there were more than 10 people queueing behind me. When the gate opened, the uncle queueing in front of me walked in first, I followed behind him, after the uncle pressed for his ticket, an auntie rushed to the front wanted to press, the uncle immediately pressed 2 more tickets and passed to me and a young man queueing behind me. Wah!! The uncle is so nice!! He looked not more than a messenger but he is so gentleman.

This reminded me of my encounter at an airline ticketing office last week. Haven't been to CBD for awhile especially during weekdays, seeing everyone in their heals and ties made me feel so out of place, LOL... Anyway, it was my off day and I was there to collect my air-tickets. First thing upon entering the office, I looked for the queue ticket dispenser but can't find. At that time, there's only one staff at the counter serving one customer, and another customer sitting at the sofa obviously waiting the be served. Awhile later, another customer in tie and blazer came in. The staff looked up and said,"Can you all take a ticket queue number pleasssse!!" She pointed at one corner and with the tone as if we were so disobedient. The guy who last came in almost long-jumped to the corner for his ticket. =.=" Jump queue... zzz... And you know how the dispenser looked like? A paper folded box with a stack of numbers inside, like those queue numbers distributed by nurse at those neighbourhood clinic . This ticketing office is trying to automate it but failed. They pasted an A4 size paper above the paper box with marker written words saying : Please Take Your Queue Number Here. (With an arrow drawn pointing downward at the paper box.) Nobody seems to notice their 'dispenser'.

Anyway, back to the Embassy, reached my turn, I handed in my application but they rejected my photo. Huh!? Doesn't look like me meh?? She said the photo was too old, need retake and submit by noon. Haiz... You know why... because the requirement stated "Submit a photo taken within 6 months". I happened to use the same photo appearing in my passport, and my passport was made more than a year ago!!! Wa-say!!! Speechless!!! She was nice enough to tell me that I could tryout at another Embassy situated next door, but when I pop by, the guard turned me down after knowing that was coming from their neighbour Embassy.

No choice... I've to walk 1km out to Orchard to take photo. I am not exaggerating, my GPRS tabulated : Nassim Road to Orchard = 1.8km. Luckily I found a shop @ 1km away. I spent 15 minutes at the shop, a saw an octopus took passport photo for a customer, photocopy documents for 3 customers, cropped and resized photos for 1 customer and served one customer collecting her developed photos. Wah... maybe I should set up a booth outside the gate of the embassy.

I went back to the embassy (another 1km), submitted my photo and walked back to Orchard (another 1.8km)... While I was walking along Nassim road, an old and dry tree branch slightly thicker than the broom stick fall from the tree and landed right in front of me, shattered into pieces when it hit the floor. O.o... I suddenly remembered my dad said a tree branch as thin as the last finger can pierce through the skull if it's falling from a very tall tree... =.="""""

After the Walkathon, I'm very hungry already so settled my breakfast at Burger King, having slight gastric but can't resist the coffee. I had Milo for the past 2 days already so today I must have coffee!!

ION ~ The Exterior

Pop by ION for the first time. Very big meh? I go round and round and keep coming back to the same spot. My colleague says it's soooo big like a maze until she couldn't find Takashimaya!! *Faint*.. We told her.. you'll never find it in ION..

ION ~ The Interior

Dropped by at Kinokuniya to place an order for a book before heading home. What a tiring day....

Oh ya.. 3 days later.. I'll have to walk in walk out again.. to collect the Visa... =.="

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