Monday, October 5, 2009

Sorry, No Printing,,

The USB port has been deactivated. Fine. The printing function has also been deactivated. LOL... So there's no external email, no USB port, restricted internet access and now, no printing function. If you want to print anything, must seek approval from your managers, and only the managers have the printing function.

You know what? Not a bad idea actually. Today my manager printed the documents I asked for, he collected them from the printer as I was on the phone, he even stapled them and then passed it to me. Wahaha! Imagine I could just name what I want and had it delivered to my desk!! What a brilliant idea!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, really a brilliant idea wasn't it? Hahaha .. Good .. Not everyone that is so in luck that can ask your manager to do these chores for u, at least not at my office .. Just like how we order subordinate to print, arrange and staple????

    But, that's not a very good idea for the managers though ... Imagine if all of u, printing these and that every hours, that's enough to keep him busy for the whole day .. Funny enough ..