Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Darl~Darl

Happy Birthday to Darl~Darl.

Chocolate Fudge ~ his favourite, always~

Sarawak Laksa for brunch.

Birthday present from kor & family, just nice for the coming trip.

Souvenirs from Lin who just came back from her Taipei+HK+Macau trip the night before. A smart calculator for conversion - just need to preset the exchange rate, after which enter the foreign currency amount, it will auto convert to the equivalent local currency that you want to compare.

Terminal 3, Changi Airport

Dian Xiao Er @ T3

As I was feeding Jrlyn, she responded,"慢慢吃". We all stunned then burst into laughing!
Kor said this was the first time he heard this from her! LOL!

Jrlyn choosing her Crocs.

She pointed at the pink one and says,"This one."
Hahaha! So cute! End up her papa bought her both! So young already started collecting shoes!

Ok the night is over, I still owe Darl his birthday present.. heez..

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