Monday, October 26, 2009

Fast Food Slow Delivery

The lady said the pizza shall reach within 45 mins, but it's already an hour... Darl said better check the void deck. LOL.

What happen was, one of my friends called for fast food delivery, not only did the food arrived late, the main dish = burger wasn't in there! He discovered it and quickly run downstair and was lucky enough to catch the delivery man, but was unlucky enough as the delivery man was there eating a burger that looked like my friend's order. He confronted him, guess what was the reply,"No burger inside? You call the hotline to complain lor!"

Walaueh! Tak boleh tahan!! He finally got his burger after calling the hotline to complain about the staff, also had the meal FOC. Service so lauya, also dunno the free meal got free ingredient or not.. so generous. =.="

Our pizza finally arrived, but it's already cold, and tasteless too.

NO more!

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