Friday, September 4, 2009

Where is my iPhone!!!

I've already expressed my interest online since dunno when so long ago until I also forget already! How come there is no response yet?! Maybe I didn't sound sincere enough?

Eve said CCM called the telco the other day and said,"I'm very angry." Guess it doesn't sync with the tone and mood, so didn't manage to deliver the message through effectively. I think the telco staff who heard that still doubted and maybe wanted to reply,"Oh is it?"

Eve said she got angry hearing that less then convincing remark, I guess she took over the phone to re-express the anger, and congratulations CCM will be getting his iPhone today!

Why is it getting so long for the stock to come in? Some of the retailers are urging us to place a booking fee and assured that we could get the stock faster, however the telco refused to comment and their lips are really tight leaving us no clue on the stocks.

What's so big deal!!!

But bo pian.. I still want it.. so wait lor.. sianzzz...

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