Friday, September 4, 2009

Where is my Coffee!!!

Don't know what keeps me so alert the whole night, can't sleep well but still must go to work because I want to scold people today, the one that screw up my accounts!!! Reached office but the uncle is not there yet, haiz.. my coffee.. zzz... Pissed!!!

Don't feel like doing anything... I waited and when I heard the uncle's noise, I went out but he locked up his stall and MIA. Sometimes later i heard him pushing the cart in, luckily still got 4 cups left. Uncle,.. already 11am le.. If I can boil my own water I also don't want to drink yours, but my office don't allow boiling water le... untold tale..

anyway... OMG am I addicted?

Nope ~ I drink only one cup a day, only on my working days and only before 12 noon! Anything beyond this I consider it luxury. I like it with lotsa milk. No espresso and no black pls! So NO caffeine addiction!

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