Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's so big deal ?!?

Received a call from a friend. Guess what! She's into some Multi-Level thingy of some slimming products. She called me wor, I need slimming meh??? You are wrong, they usually don't sell just one product, they have EVERYTHING and they sure have something for you.

Actually I have nothing against them, but they always come and piss me off, say they can't bear to see me living aimlessly while they've already found the meaning in life and is working towards their goal! And when I told them I've attended some of the talks before they can straightaway tell you theirs is different.. ho ho.. How'd they know? I haven't even say...

I also don't want to say much, if you have such friends you will know what I mean. Some of my friends said they have blocked her in facebook because of the irritating posts. If you are one of them and choose to act blur, go ahead. Just don't come and share your Life Plan with me.

I hate finding excuses to siam you even if you are not tired of pestering yet. Get it?! Then get lost!

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