Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pend-ed on 12.09.09

Dean brought Mae to HT, he wanted to get her a HT Necklace/Pendant. Wah.. I've never tested Mae at HT le.. and most importantly, though he's a Pro HT Regular already, he never HT with DK before le! Okie la~ let him play lor since he is so determined.

2 hours later, he told me, aiya your DK cannot make it la! Wah! Angry sia!! Is the player cannot make it not the DK hor! The last time I forget what squat liao he also say same thing! Angry!! I want to change password liao, don't let him play my DK.

At night he buzzed me asked why I haven't login, so I login. Then I noticed my key setting all jumbled up because he reset to his preference. Was about to scold him, then waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I saw my HT Necklace wor!!!!! Hehehe... si Dean disturb me!!!

Let me show you my necklace first. =D

Oh ya Dean.. Japple told me you are so cool and calm! Throughout the whole fight you spam hb like healing. The whole team feel so secure with one spam heal and one spam hb, she told me the whole team survived with victory! Muahhaha... Sorry, can't help laughing b'coz it's really funny. =P

Never thought I'd ever get one! And for this necklace, Dean has to pay the organizer with a few runs of free labour. =D So pai seh... I chia you eat Ramen k?

Lastly, really thank you for the afford! =D

@% @% @% @% Thanks Dean for the HT Necklace! @% @% @% @%


  1. Hi Mollie found u !! Greetings ~~
    geez saw my id in ur blog..

    dean = dino
    Mollie = Mae

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  3. Halor melody!! thx for dropping by! =D hehe