Friday, September 11, 2009

No Merry-Go-Round in Office Please!!

Remember I mentioned that I've a colleague with voice louder than thunder? Hahaha.. sorry exaggerated but it's true that every time he started talking with a bit of strength people will start to shhhhh him..

This morning my neighbour asked him a question so he stomped by. He pulled a chair and sat in between our partitions. While he was talking to my colleague he occasionally turned his head over, and said,"Mollie, you say correct or not?"

Usually he says anything I also reply yes and occasionally turn over and nod nod only.. Then you know what I saw? He turned around and kneel on the chair, with his hands grabbing on to the back of the chair, and started Merry-go-round!!! Oh gosh!! I said,"Tony can you stop that!" I think he got carried away and started spinning faster and faster, and even release his hands!! I'm not worried about that the chair spoil, there are plenty of spare chairs there, I only worry he spin until giddy or lost control and bang into my partition, and the wall collapse and the files fall on me! Worst if the floor crack and we all fall onto the basement!!

No matter what I said he just won't stop, so I take out my handphone and said, "Spin faster, I want to test the video function." Immediately, I felt a gush of wind, the chair still spinning but the object on top disappeared! hahahha... so cartoon~ Can you picture that? Only if I could show a photo of him, you'd know how threatening that is.


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