Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How come talk like dat?

Heard about the newly crowned Miss Singapore World 2009 who has been mocked for her poor English? Following that, the experts shared some of the common Singapore English on Straits Time, Sep 13, 09. Here are a few of them :

Can I hepchu? = Can I help you?
Irregardless = Regardless
Free gift = Gift
Exscue me = Excuse me
Veggie-table = Vegetable
Ne'er mine = Never mind
Annader = Another
Kerlick = Colleague
I feel so boring = I'm so bored

If that is not enough, here's a link to Singlish on Wikipedia, some are really funny.

He very solid siah = he is damn capable
Wahlau, heng siah = Goodness me, that was a close shave

My kor always ask me what is siah? LOL.. So I'm pretty sure that I'm one of them, also because nobody ever question me of my nationality when I speak English in Singapore, but when I speak Mandarin, they say,"Eh, you not Singaporean arh?" And when we go traveling, people will say,"You must be from Singapore!" Wahahaha.. Now I know why! LOL. Aiyo ne'er mind la~ Can't expect us to slang like ang mo ma~

Ok, here's a chance to Huat! Spot a sign with bad English and win Prizes.

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