Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guild Zak Speed Attack - i dc =(

Today happy happy prepare for guild Zak. Early early Dean already transported me to Elnath to park, so I reached home login straight can Zak liao. Except that I showered until my GM have to call me - "mae jie.. now left you nia~" Keke..

The Zak started.. All very excited coz we have a very powerful team this round! My party lagi power - 1 DK alone with 2 BS spam heal me! Hahaha!!! Then suddenly.. how come the screen become my Wallpaper (Pic of Darl & I brushing teeth)... I am still pressing on to the Attack button kok...

Walau eh DC la~!!!

First to DC.. then follow by Mak, Kanton.. and before you knew it.. the Zak is downed.. within 21 mins 40 secs. Wah~ Asking for second round, but GM says not today because many people queueing outside want to Zak also..

Dunno how long do I have to bear with Vista! I asked Darl to replace my Vista with XP, he said Vista no problem, is the game's problem, don't play then no problem liao.. =(

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