Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Singapore F1 Night Race, 2009

F1 route

F1 in Singapore for the second time. [Actual day : Sep 27, 2009]. Ticket price ranged from SGD168 for general walkabout to SGD1388 at the grandstand. None of the people that I know actually go paying. They were there either with complimentary tickets or voluntary works. Last time working at Raffles Place can hear the loud noise and see a little corner of it. This time at Ulu-ulu place cannot see or hear anything. Those who went shared their experience :
  • Very loud~ Must buy ear-plug.
  • Can hear sound cannot see car...
  • Can see car but photos empty... LOL..
  • Shiok to hear the vroommm!!
Nice captured by Gomus :

Oh ya.. nearly forget about the result, McLaren - Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore F1 Night Race, 2009.

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