Sunday, October 4, 2009


On Sep 30, 2009 @ 6.17pm, I was sitting in front of my computer with my legs folded up on my chair, suddenly my elbow touched my chair's arm-rest, I was very sure that I did not move my elbow, that means my chair moved, or the flat, or the earth!? I sat very still on the chair and observed, nothing moved, i only felt myself swaying left and right until a bit giddy, I thought I didn't have enough sleep. Later learnt that there was an 7.6M earthquake @ Southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

This is the first time I felt earthquake, though this is not the first time it happened around me. My mum says there was once when we were in Taiwan, the earth shook till the hanging lamp swinging left and right. I missed that as I was sleeping.

Last year when the Sichuan earthquake happened, we were in Shanghai. Darl called and told me that there's an earthquake and they had evacuated. Huh?! Earthquake? I was on the 65th floor of the tallest hotel in the world and I didn't feel anything. Knowing that I wasn't convinced, he told me everyone in the meeting room saw the blind hitting against the window and they started calling their branches around China and confirmed the earthquake. Hearing that, I made a call to the hotel concierge and the receptionist was like, "Huh?? Earthquake??" I therefore crawled back into the comfy bed continue watching the CNN news on the deadly Cyclone in Myanmar.

Few minutes later Darl called to check my whereabouts, STILL IN THE HOTEL!!! The concierge says there isn't any earthquake le... Anyway, to play safe, I grabbed the passport and evacuated, alone. Once out of the hotel, I'm faced with another disaster = ROAD CROSSING! Crossing of roads in Shanghai is really a scary thing to do, that is the reason why I'm so reluctant to get out of the hotel!

That night we received several calls from hometown to check if we were safe, they told us that it was a 7.9M earthquake @ Sichuan.

I was back to Singapore the next day while Darl continued his journey to Hong Kong, therefore did not experienced any aftershocks.

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