Sunday, September 13, 2009

Disgusting!!! Why is it everywhere?!?

A friend ordered a cup of ice-cream from a restaurant that sells very kawaii Japanese dessert and food. While she was licking away the ice-cream, a strangle of hair surfaced. Eeee!!! if you think that's disgusting.. tell you something worst. She somehow decided to remove the hair and continue eating the ice-cream, which I think I probably won't want it anymore. So as she was pulling that strangle of hair.. it turned into something else! Guess what!! It's a cockroach!!! WTF!!

She's a preggy mummy and still standing strong, she went back to the restaurant, with the ice-cream cup still in her hand. She showed the cockroach to the restaurant people. For me I think I've already fainted and the cup dunno fly where already.

Another friend's encounter is worst I think. She went to a pub and ordered a drink, while she sipped the drink something went into her mouth. Pub where got serve bubble tea one! Walau!! she drink coke le!! Eeeeeeeeek.. she says the thing crunchy crunchy one!! Until now she still has phobia using black straw. WTH!!

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