Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comex - Sep 09

Met Terminator @ Comex.

Went early and left early to avoid the crowd.
If you have forgotten how crowded it could get. Here it is :

IT Show, Mar 09

Comex, Aug 08

After Comex, went Nomu to look for Gomus. He gathered us for a meeting on Gona's Wedding preparation. We get to choose (mix n match) the wedding card of our choice. His wedding is on coming Saturday but he is flying to China in the next two days for business! Steady hor! Btw, his interior design was not quite done up yet, so show you the photo next time. He says Bikini House Warming Party in October!

While at Gomus' house, I found out why Kor has a habit of checking out on other people's fridge.. hahaha!!! Kor kor you are so funny! Hahaha!

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