Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 Days Trip Home - G0na's Event

Only a 2 days trip home, plus sick some more so didn't do much thing
... except eat and sleep.

First thing I crave for is Lei-Cha.

The following day, meimei & bil brought me to eat 兴化打面.
The mee looks like Ramen except that texture is a bit different.
The round golden thing is 'prawn ball', meimei's favourite!

Meimei made this peanut cookie for me to bring back.
Looks like scallop. Haha! I haven't try yet because of sore throat.

Early mooncake celebration with parents & meimei.

A newspaper cut-out, papa says the vehicles are funny & comical.
Btw, last weekend is also Hari Raya Holiday.

And very fast.. have to say good bye liao.. =(

Very painful ears during the flight, I guess it's because of my flu.
Darl gets it too during the previous flight.

Yosi says next time try to make a deep yawn, it will balance out the air pressure in the ears and in cabin. Will tryout.. thx you! =D

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