Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Singapore F1 Night Race, 2009

F1 route

F1 in Singapore for the second time. [Actual day : Sep 27, 2009]. Ticket price ranged from SGD168 for general walkabout to SGD1388 at the grandstand. None of the people that I know actually go paying. They were there either with complimentary tickets or voluntary works. Last time working at Raffles Place can hear the loud noise and see a little corner of it. This time at Ulu-ulu place cannot see or hear anything. Those who went shared their experience :
  • Very loud~ Must buy ear-plug.
  • Can hear sound cannot see car...
  • Can see car but photos empty... LOL..
  • Shiok to hear the vroommm!!
Nice captured by Gomus :

Oh ya.. nearly forget about the result, McLaren - Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore F1 Night Race, 2009.

Eight Glasses a Day on iPhone

This iPhone application helps to track how many glasses of water you drink a day. It's very simple, just tap one glass whenever you drink one. If you make it to 8 glasses, you will be rewarded with a "Tips of the day".

That day we went Kolomee, Kor helped me tap.. "You drink 1 barley, Darl drinks 1 kopipeng, I drink 2 barley.. then you drink 1 coke.... bla bla bla.." Wah.. very fast almost 8 glasses liao.. but this is call play cheat la.. hahaha!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday with Niece

Pampered ourselves to a gelato after the gym.

Take photo until it almost melt.. LOL...

Jrlyn enjoying her $1 Barney ride @ Courts

I was once very addicted to the Hokkien Mee.

Jrlyn had 2 out of these.

Jrlyn on the phone with her mummy.

Gratz SS on 200!


A guild photo taken on the day SS turned 200.

(The day before my HackShield goes haywire.. lucky ah~)

Saturday - I Hold You In My Arms

Original plan was to go to Gomus' House for a swim, but later he realised that he needs to celebrate Nana's belated birthday and also hesitating about going to F1, therefore we changed the plan. We picked Kor up for laksa, reached there all decided to have Kolomee instead, but the Kolomee turned out disappointing. It's not too bad but we want the original char-siew Kolomee, we came all the way here - We want original!!

After Kolomee, Kor wanted to order laksa to share, but we were very full already so gave up the idea. Got back to the car, Kor offered me a peach... Where do you think he got the peach from?? He squeezed a peach out of my lovely cushion!!! @#!$%^#*

09' Christmas Present from Darl, I choose one. Cute hor!

After the unsuccessful peach attempt, he got himself an ice-cream at the petrol kiosk, obviously he is still hungry.

At night, Darl & I went Changi Village for Mutton Soup.

Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup
@ Changi Village
Opens daily from 10.30am-10.30pm. Close on Monday.

(Mutton soup $4 x2) + (Rice $0.50 x2) + 8 wanton $2 + Sugar Cane $1.70
Total for 2 pax = SGD12.70.
At night, unable to login Maple again... HackShield Error again..
Wondering if the game plays me or I play the game... @#$%^&*!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What About Scrambled Egg?

First good news when i touched down in Sg the other day : My Mayae is egg-ed!

LOL.. basically, it means 'Mayae has got an egg'. This egg doesn't comes easy. First of all, it was played by a pure BS with no DK background. Secondly, it doesn't come cheap, the BS needs to repay with free labour in exchange for the egg.

Dean! The egg keeps staring at me! How?

He reminded me many times, do not touch the egg, he is waiting for the right time to scroll it. Haha!! Next time you check back, maybe turned to scrambled egg liao~ LOL.


That day I worked half way..
.. suddenly received an incoming mail on "My KPI*"!

Darl says the Gas consumption means I got cook.
But National Avg is 87, so still have room for improvement..

Haha.. I thought is what.. Haha.. Quarterly appraisal har?!

* KPI : Key Performance Indicator

2 Days Trip Home - G0na's Event

Only a 2 days trip home, plus sick some more so didn't do much thing
... except eat and sleep.

First thing I crave for is Lei-Cha.

The following day, meimei & bil brought me to eat 兴化打面.
The mee looks like Ramen except that texture is a bit different.
The round golden thing is 'prawn ball', meimei's favourite!

Meimei made this peanut cookie for me to bring back.
Looks like scallop. Haha! I haven't try yet because of sore throat.

Early mooncake celebration with parents & meimei.

A newspaper cut-out, papa says the vehicles are funny & comical.
Btw, last weekend is also Hari Raya Holiday.

And very fast.. have to say good bye liao.. =(

Very painful ears during the flight, I guess it's because of my flu.
Darl gets it too during the previous flight.

Yosi says next time try to make a deep yawn, it will balance out the air pressure in the ears and in cabin. Will tryout.. thx you! =D

G0na's Wedding

We were home last weekend for G0na's Wedding. Did not 扮姐妹 in the morning because I was sick.

7 photographers inside + 1 (Darl) shooting this.

Reached the hotel early as the brothers had their tasks whereas the sisters chop seats and gossip. LOL!!! I go round taking some photos with my Potato Canon.

Front Stage

Back Stage


Here comes G0na!!!

Yum Seng!!!

Red Rose from the Pillar

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fried Oyster Egg

大约有十二粒蠔。 八块钱。


That day my kor say my phone not user friendly, then he jio me video call when he knows iphone doesn't have the function, after that he says my phone will BOOM!!! And today he says why no blog on iPhone, is it the phone something wrong!!! You tired of living is it!!!!?!?!?!

I'm very occupied with my phone now... tell you what... I'll come back to you on this!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How come talk like dat?

Heard about the newly crowned Miss Singapore World 2009 who has been mocked for her poor English? Following that, the experts shared some of the common Singapore English on Straits Time, Sep 13, 09. Here are a few of them :

Can I hepchu? = Can I help you?
Irregardless = Regardless
Free gift = Gift
Exscue me = Excuse me
Veggie-table = Vegetable
Ne'er mine = Never mind
Annader = Another
Kerlick = Colleague
I feel so boring = I'm so bored

If that is not enough, here's a link to Singlish on Wikipedia, some are really funny.

He very solid siah = he is damn capable
Wahlau, heng siah = Goodness me, that was a close shave

My kor always ask me what is siah? LOL.. So I'm pretty sure that I'm one of them, also because nobody ever question me of my nationality when I speak English in Singapore, but when I speak Mandarin, they say,"Eh, you not Singaporean arh?" And when we go traveling, people will say,"You must be from Singapore!" Wahahaha.. Now I know why! LOL. Aiyo ne'er mind la~ Can't expect us to slang like ang mo ma~

Ok, here's a chance to Huat! Spot a sign with bad English and win Prizes.

1st prize : Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2
2nd prize : Nokia E63 Mobile Phone
3rd prize : Canon IXUS 95 IS

Interested in the prizes? Click STOMP for more info. Closing date: Oct 27, 09.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Darl ~Darl get well soon!

Darl is sick.
After work, I tapao soup for him, I eat porridge.
See him sick I also feel a bit sick.

Kor says sneeze on the tissue paper and throw far far in order to get well soon! I think haven't recover kena caught for littering liao...

Darl ~Darl get well soon!

(Doraemon from McD Happy Meal, Darl chia me eat one.. kekeke)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pend-ed on 12.09.09

Dean brought Mae to HT, he wanted to get her a HT Necklace/Pendant. Wah.. I've never tested Mae at HT le.. and most importantly, though he's a Pro HT Regular already, he never HT with DK before le! Okie la~ let him play lor since he is so determined.

2 hours later, he told me, aiya your DK cannot make it la! Wah! Angry sia!! Is the player cannot make it not the DK hor! The last time I forget what squat liao he also say same thing! Angry!! I want to change password liao, don't let him play my DK.

At night he buzzed me asked why I haven't login, so I login. Then I noticed my key setting all jumbled up because he reset to his preference. Was about to scold him, then waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I saw my HT Necklace wor!!!!! Hehehe... si Dean disturb me!!!

Let me show you my necklace first. =D

Oh ya Dean.. Japple told me you are so cool and calm! Throughout the whole fight you spam hb like healing. The whole team feel so secure with one spam heal and one spam hb, she told me the whole team survived with victory! Muahhaha... Sorry, can't help laughing b'coz it's really funny. =P

Never thought I'd ever get one! And for this necklace, Dean has to pay the organizer with a few runs of free labour. =D So pai seh... I chia you eat Ramen k?

Lastly, really thank you for the afford! =D

@% @% @% @% Thanks Dean for the HT Necklace! @% @% @% @%

Disgusting!!! Why is it everywhere?!?

A friend ordered a cup of ice-cream from a restaurant that sells very kawaii Japanese dessert and food. While she was licking away the ice-cream, a strangle of hair surfaced. Eeee!!! if you think that's disgusting.. tell you something worst. She somehow decided to remove the hair and continue eating the ice-cream, which I think I probably won't want it anymore. So as she was pulling that strangle of hair.. it turned into something else! Guess what!! It's a cockroach!!! WTF!!

She's a preggy mummy and still standing strong, she went back to the restaurant, with the ice-cream cup still in her hand. She showed the cockroach to the restaurant people. For me I think I've already fainted and the cup dunno fly where already.

Another friend's encounter is worst I think. She went to a pub and ordered a drink, while she sipped the drink something went into her mouth. Pub where got serve bubble tea one! Walau!! she drink coke le!! Eeeeeeeeek.. she says the thing crunchy crunchy one!! Until now she still has phobia using black straw. WTH!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comex - Sep 09

Met Terminator @ Comex.

Went early and left early to avoid the crowd.
If you have forgotten how crowded it could get. Here it is :

IT Show, Mar 09

Comex, Aug 08

After Comex, went Nomu to look for Gomus. He gathered us for a meeting on Gona's Wedding preparation. We get to choose (mix n match) the wedding card of our choice. His wedding is on coming Saturday but he is flying to China in the next two days for business! Steady hor! Btw, his interior design was not quite done up yet, so show you the photo next time. He says Bikini House Warming Party in October!

While at Gomus' house, I found out why Kor has a habit of checking out on other people's fridge.. hahaha!!! Kor kor you are so funny! Hahaha!

Friday, September 11, 2009

No Merry-Go-Round in Office Please!!

Remember I mentioned that I've a colleague with voice louder than thunder? Hahaha.. sorry exaggerated but it's true that every time he started talking with a bit of strength people will start to shhhhh him..

This morning my neighbour asked him a question so he stomped by. He pulled a chair and sat in between our partitions. While he was talking to my colleague he occasionally turned his head over, and said,"Mollie, you say correct or not?"

Usually he says anything I also reply yes and occasionally turn over and nod nod only.. Then you know what I saw? He turned around and kneel on the chair, with his hands grabbing on to the back of the chair, and started Merry-go-round!!! Oh gosh!! I said,"Tony can you stop that!" I think he got carried away and started spinning faster and faster, and even release his hands!! I'm not worried about that the chair spoil, there are plenty of spare chairs there, I only worry he spin until giddy or lost control and bang into my partition, and the wall collapse and the files fall on me! Worst if the floor crack and we all fall onto the basement!!

No matter what I said he just won't stop, so I take out my handphone and said, "Spin faster, I want to test the video function." Immediately, I felt a gush of wind, the chair still spinning but the object on top disappeared! hahahha... so cartoon~ Can you picture that? Only if I could show a photo of him, you'd know how threatening that is.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Ways To Know That you Love Someone.

1 : You talk with him/her late at night and still think of him/her when you go to bed.
2 : You walk really slow when you are with him/her.
3 : You don't feel ok when he/she is far away.
4 : You smile when you hear his/her voice.
6 : He/she is everything to what you think.
7 : You smile everytime you look at him/her.
8 : There's a person in your mind while you've been reading this.
9 : You've been so busy thinking of that person you didn't notice that the no.5 is missing.
10 : You are checking if thats true and you are silently laughing to yourself.

Send this mesage to at least 12 friends. IF you dont, you will definitely regret.

Usually I don't bother about these kinda mass SMS, at most just read and delete. Then that day I was really free.. so I hand itchy go and forward to a few friends.

Then one of them replied...

CK : eeerr.. this SMS contains 6 pages le.. Meaning send to 12 ppls equal to sending 72 sms.. so expensive le.. but nevermind la it says no send will regret.. so you no need to regret lor..

Mollie : =(

I thought I'm already slacking. Wah.. he lagi eng!! He just told me why my phone bill so expensive lor.. =(

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gratz - Joey & Val - 09.09.09 @ 9.09pm

Attended a buddy's wedding tonight on 09.09.09 @ 9.09pm

Gathered outside the church.

Inside the church.

The ceremony.

Photo Taking with Groom & Bride.

Swiss Mushroom

What's on the menu today?

Swiss Mushroom.

Gundam II

Look at this Giant Gundam!!!

Celine asks me to go and see coz it's as tall as our office! I say huh?? Then she pointed at her condo - maybe is like my condo? LOL. Ya.. I think is about her condo height..

Extracted from a friend's album. Photo taken during her Japan trip.

IKEA restaurant

The IKEA restaurant is always very pack.

The sambal chilli is very nice.

The spaghetti is not very nice.
Well, I never quite like spaghetti.

The signature dish of ikea. The Swedish beef ball goes well with the jam.

Jerilyn looking at the IKEA Bib.