Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palm Tree Beach Chair!

Today Darl~Darl buy me one scratch scratch. Wah... tio $10! Happy =D. That day we bought 2 tickets and scratched outside the shop, won $4, so we went back in to exchange for another 2, but 2nd time won nothing. Hehe..

Went Dean's house to help him tune his TV channel. He signed up for a Magic Box for Jen. Checked out on Jen's Precious Moment Collections at the display shelves. The little boy at the back staring at the cake is very cute!

Dean gave me some Maple Goodies!! =D

And also a Palm Tree Beach Chair from Dean! So nice!!

Tonight training I keep dying due to lag, so Dean says, "Hang there don't move!!" Haha! I leeched until level up.. pai seh pai seh.. =p (L154 DK & my little pet)

Check out what we have for dinner tonight! Pork Belly Darl Darl cook one ~ very nice! =D

That day i told Celine, I cook Sharkfin Soup. She says.. Wah!! I only know how to open Sharkfin can. Then I realised i missed out one word.. Sharkfin Melon Soup la~ Hahaha.. Pai seh la~

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