Saturday, August 8, 2009

Strange Yum-Char Restaurant

Came across a Chinese Restaurant @ Vivo that has a very unique name, so we've decided to give it a try.

At the entrance, we were greeted by a man in black. While walking to our seat, the waiter stopped and asked us for our names, quite unexpected but still we replied him, he says "okie" and continue walking us to our seat. I thought exchanging name is basic courtesy? He never introduce himself wor! Anyway, while walking in, we noticed a lotsa people in formal suit standing around. Ops.. we feel so out of place. Then, we realised that they are actually the waiters, looked way too smart for a Yum Char restaurant and non of the patrons there looked smarter than them! lol..

We ordered our food, and as usual I'll shoot whatever I eat, especially when I find it interesting. Suddenly, a very serious looking man in black approached and said,"Sorry, photo taking is not allowed".


I've never come across such incident! Do you? Pls share with me if you know of any other restaurant that practise the same. Luckily he did not confiscate my handphone, well, he looks like he will. Who knows, he got our names and is not telling us his, and he looked very serious too.

This is the only photo I shoot. Look very nice hor.. but actually nothing fantastic. The base of the bun is hard and when we removed the paper sticking to it, the whole base came off and the filling that is in liquid form flow out and dripped all over the place.

Overall impression is - strange, uneasy, disappointing.

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