Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shopping for a New Handphone

Dinner @ S11, Bishan.

Darl & I ordered this.

We ordered this for Dean.

No special occasion.
Just happened to passby Dean's house so pick him up for dinner.
At the same time to shop for my iPhone and Darl's N97.
Iphone - no stock.
N97 - ...

Talking about the N97 really make me angry. The telco offered me a $100 re-contract voucher and told me that I could get any phone from the outlet and offset with a paperless voucher. We calculated and that we only need to fork out $438 so we happily went down to get the phone.

"The voucher got write, cannot use on Starbuy item, where is your voucher? Show me." Walau.. your staff says paperless lor, show what! Then she says, now starbuy price is $538, very cheap already so cannot use voucher. If you want to use voucher okie lor we nett off the $100 from the non starbuy price, so $588. Walau.. the Starbuy price is lower than the recontract price!!

I asked her, then your company offer me that voucher for what? Then she proposed, or you want to buy Samsung? Samsung also very good, then you can use the voucher lor coz not Starbuy item. I only want to buy N97. Then you wait till the starbuy end then buy lor.

So the voucher no use one lar?
Ya actually the voucher no use one.

What the hell!! Treating your customer like an idiot??
I called them 2 weeks ago to feedback on this, no reply till now.
Luckily they didn't monopolise the iPhone market.
D@mn hopeless..

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