Saturday, August 8, 2009

Queueing for iPhone

Passby the handphone shop and saw people paying for iPhone over the counter. Yeah! Stock replenished! I approached the queue counter to queue for a queue number, ya.. queue for queue number, see how good is their business!

Reached my turn and I told the staff that I'd like to buy an iPhone, but he said it's not open to public yet. So I asked him how do I get one as I'd like to get one now, immediately.

You will need to express your interest first.
Huh??? I almost wanted to tell him - Yes I'm interested.
After a short pause, he said,"You will need to express your interest online."

I was thinking what crap is this, buy an iPhone so mafan, not that you monopolize the market and you have to make your customers go through this.. I visited their website, luckily it's not something like - Please express your interest in 50 words that kind of stuffs...

Darl's company actually can help to get priority queue for iPhone, I was hesitating then Darl says - you express interest to me, i express interest to my company, then my company express interest to the phone company. Then when the stock come the phone company confirm interest with his company, his company confirm interest with him and he needs to confirm with me.. Wah.. so complicated!

Nevermind la.. wait lor~

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