Friday, August 14, 2009

Point System in Office

Back to work after my off day and received an email from my manager regarding that I've quoted the wrong info to the customer. I recalled that the info was actually given by another manager so I explained to her. She then told me since this is the case she will not deduct my points. I was puzzled, what points?? She replied that it's for the measurement on accuracy of work.

I told her that the info is given by the manager I therefore quoted with no doubt. She says managers are also human, next time better refer to the website.

Wah.. so I'm not human ah? Also, she doesn't even know what's happening and she wanted to deduct my points! I told her it all started when the info on the website is outdated so I informed the manager and the manager forwarded me the 'correct' info to advise the customer, unfortunately, the info is also wrong!

Then I asked her, so you gonna deduct his point?
She didn't reply me, she must be steaming already at the other end.

In the same afternoon, I asked her something, she must be thinking that this is her opportunity to revenge, she replied me,"I beg your pardon??? I thought it was mentioned during the meeting???" I was shocked with her reaction. Then I heard her footstep, stomping over all the way from her desk. She's not fat la, but got some weight lor ~ manyzer ma! Then we both looking at the website, she said "Scroll up!" I scrolled up. "Scroll down". I scrolled down. She murmured... "That means they never update.." Then walked away.

Huh? finish liao ar? How can? I haven't recover from shock le..
I told her "I checked the website before I ask you okie!"
Her reply was "Okie no worries."

She dare not ask me to refer to the website anymore wor.. Hahaha!!!

Wah 2 times in a row.. so sorry.. but I never do anything le.. did i??

Okie la.. next time let her win la.. if not later heel wear too high minus point, skirt too short minus point, perfume smell too nice minus point, difficult ah~

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