Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Darl got his N97! Finally!

The phone was delivered to our doorstep as that's the only option, they disallow self collection for online booking. We have gone through much hassle to get this phone and let me tell you what happened.

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It was advertised on the newspaper that if we placed the order through their website we will get a good price. We couldn't find the option on their website so we approached their outlets, we were then told to call their hotline to find out more, when we called their hotline, a guy staff confirmed the promo and advised that we try again. We went online again and ta-da!! The order form is now there, don't know when and how, anyway, it doesn't show the price as per the ad in the papers. We called them again, the staff who answered the phone asked us a lotsa questions - where is the promo advertised, newspaper date, section and page number, after putting us on hold for a long x many times, she reverted saying "sorry, this promotion is on broadband."

O.o Huh..???? But isn't that a picture of N97 on the advertisement??

She put us on hold again, and got back saying it's for new customer only. Huh? We merely feedback that the website doesn't show correct info and wish to double confirm, how come she make so many funny guesses?? She smoke and smoke until Darl tak boleh tahan liao.. So requested that she put us to someone who knows the promotion. She says,"Sir just refer to the website."

Wah so senang wor! Visit their outlet and was told to call the hotline, call the hotline and was told to visit their website. Wah impressive!!

Finally we have no choice so we asked for the guy staff who we spoke to when we first called. She says she can't help because - all the managers are not available and the guy staff we mentioned is not in the same office. She says she's from the Philipines office and the guy is from Singapore office. She says she couldn't do a call transfer either.

Looks like we will have to play tikam tikam. Darl tikam a few times but no luck, almost giving up... Then guy called back and we have our queries answered within 5 minutes!

Haiz.. CMI..

Anyway, we learnt something that maybe very useful. **If you ever call a company that has a Call Centre based in foreign country, you may want to try your luck by selecting "Mandarin Speaking" option, you maybe getting a local agent on the phone... Erm... or maybe you get someone that says.. 您好, 这里是深圳.... Hahaha... not my problem..

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