Friday, August 14, 2009

Kor Kor *Confused*

Kor Kor called me, Darl answered. Kor Kor asked,"Say Kia le?"
Kor Kor called Darl, I answered. Kor Kor asked,"Baby le?"

Kor Kor *confused*.

One day, kor kor asked, "how come everytime I call you, your baby answer the phone, then when I call him you answer the phone? Or is it that I call the wrong number?"

You didn't call wrong number la, but sometimes the person you call is busy ma..

(actually behind the scene is *push here push there* you answer lar~ you answer lar~)

Hahaha.. no la! Just kidding. The actual fact is that the party that you are not looking for is more kepoh to Know why you looking for the other party instead of him/her. This is human nature.. hahaha..

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