Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Input Output Logic

Attended a Customer Service Course today, the trainer shared one of her encounters on an budget airline. (If you've taken one before you'd probably know that most of them don't provide free meal on flight, however you may order from their menu, food is not at all fantastic and it's not cheap. Whatever it is, no outside food is allowed.) The trainer says, during the flight, a passenger took out his lunchbox and started eating, end up scolded by the air-stewardess. The passenger who looked like a Chinese National didn't quite bothered by that and continued slurping his food, maybe he don't understand English?

Anyway, I was thinking, how would they handle such situation? Confiscate the food? plaster the passenger's mouth? Tie his hands to the seat? mm.. maybe not so violent. But I am really curious to know what they can do about it.

Well, since they started charging for the food and drink, maybe soon they will discover that they should also charge for the use of the toilet on board, a solution based on the Input Output Logic.
  • Passenger who spent at least $xx on F&B on the flight may use the toilet Free Of Charge. Please approach the stewardess with your receipt to exchange for an Infinity-Pass, valid for a day use of unlimited visit.
  • Passenger who did not spend on F&B on the flight may approach the stewardess to purchase your toilet pass. A One-Time-Pass for one time visit, or a Season-Pass for unlimited visit.
What do you think? Can we sell this idea to the budget airlines? Hahaha!!!

Actually in some countries paying for the use of toilet is nothing new. In Malaysia, very often you'll see a toilet manager sitting by a desk outside the toilet folding toilet papers, in case you need it they can earn extra. In Europe, we saw same toilets in the park, fully automated and no managers round. You just need to insert 0.40 coin and the door will open automatically. After the visit, the toilet will shut for a few minutes to do self cleaning before it opens up for the next patron. However, there is a notice outside that says each visit is limited to 20 minutes. I wonder what will happen when time's up and still not done.. will the door open automatically? Hahaha!!!

Actually paying for visit nevermind, but please at least make an effort to clean up, don't just sit at the manager desk and roll toilet papers. A lotsa time I dare not drink water when I'm outside, coz visiting toilet is really a nightmare. Be very grateful that you are in Singapore, toilets are not just free, but clean. lol...

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