Friday, August 14, 2009

Effectiveness of Point System

I just realised that actually point system can be very effective - get job done faster!
For example tonight, one warm up question :

[btw.. If you have not read my previous blog on "points-system-for-men",
you may not understand what I mean.]

Am I pretty?
...... No answer ......
I followed up with another sms : Hesitating minus -100
Then he immediately replied : Pretty!

Then I SMS him again : Come out with clothes hangers to earn +200 points.
...... No answer ......
Then I SMS again : Accumulate 500 points to redeem for rewards.
Then he appeared with the clothes hangers, and started counting 200, 400, 600...
200 point each hanger right?
No la. 200 points for one task la~
He put down the clothes hanger and wanted to go back to the room..
Hang them and earn another +200 points!
He then hang the whole chunk on the bamboo pole, and say, hang liao. +200
Huh! I mean hang the clothes la~
Hang properly earn another +50 bonus points.
After that, he went in to get more clothes hanger, Get more hangers got add points?
Got. Add 50 points.
50 points nia 不要也罢!
Wah!!! very yaya hor!!!

Finally he got to claim his reward : Nacho! Gratz!


Actually even no points he will also help hang the clothes together de..
just that got points made more fun to doing house chord together!!


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