Monday, August 3, 2009

Berserk 30... Passed!!!

Dean's HT Virgin Run. [link]

Wah! Gratz to Dean to have successfully down the HornTail last night! Hopefully I can also make it to one, one day. The Bishop so relax.. still got time to use iPhone to shoot screen.. lol..

Sunshine Club's Virgin Balrog Run. [link]

I've also gone for a
Balrog expedition this afternoon, but too bad half way dc... but quite fun! Before entering the tomb my GM warned, don't 'tio chua' when you see it later. Haha.. see how tiny I am, I look up and only see it's claw.. but compare to HornTail, this is really.. peanut..

Gratz to myself too! I've successful scrolled Berserk 30. Weeeee!!! So happy!!! And with this, I'll hold back on the Reverse Project until further notice...

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